Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A warm welcome :-)

When I returned to the office after nine weeks (six spend backpacking in Thailand with wife and kids) of paternity leave (yes, that's the sort of things you can do in Denmark ;-) my colleagues had made the warmest welcome I ever received. This picture shows the entrance to APC Denmark yesterday morning:

There were Danish flags over the place, big hugs as I entered, and I got to use our managers parking spot near the entrance. To top this Susan even made cakes for our afternoon break :-)

I can't shake the feeling that they want me to do something in return, but it's sure nice to know you've been missed :-)

Thanks guys! Now I'll go back to work -- and promise that this blogs amount of smilies has been used for the rest of the year :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey nice to see a blog about Socrates. Looking foward to learning something new.

-Cincom Guy